About Us

Our school is for those who want to cook easily, freely, without recipes from the refrigerator. You will learn how to choose and combine different products, master culinary techniques, and technologies, behind most recipes, you will understand the flavor combinations of products.

The Testnian courses are intensive programs that usually take 1.5-2 years to master. We managed to create a course to convey the most important things to you in just 5 WEEKS!

Of course, this is only a solid skeleton that will provide reliable support for your understanding of consistency in the limitless gastronomic world. After completing the introductory course and passing the exams, you will receive a chef certificate.

Reasons to join:

Three key learning principles

Understanding of basic techniques and technologies. You will understand the principles behind most recipes and consolidate this knowledge with proven recipes from our chefs and pastry chefs.

Available products, homemade recipes

You don't have to look for a peacock feather or shark fin. If you cannot find a product, then the curator will select a replacement for you.

Only professional chefs and pastry chefs

Your results are our goal, so only professional chefs and pastry chefs are in touch with you, who will answer any question and help.